Mimi has enjoyed music lessons with,

.... and thanks go out to the following folk for their time, patience and direction,

Rua Macmillan, Patsy Reid, Beccy Roth, Kirsty Blackhall, Innes Watson, Iain Henderson, Alan Henderson, Clare-Frances MacNeil, Alistair McCulloch, Gwen Duff, Emma Tomlinson, Adam Sutherland, Andy Thorburn, Jamie MacDonald, Hannah MacRae, Eilidh Shaw, Jenna Reid, Kristin Harvey, Bruce MacGregor, Rick Taylor, Alasdair Fraser, Troy MacGillivary, Purdugh Morrison, Kenny Fraser, Petrea Cooney, Nicola Benedetti, Ysla Pinto, Elspeth Berry, Emily Carr-Martin, Ewan Henderson, Ian Smith, Sarah Jane Shankland, Kirsty Watt, Andrea Gajic, Jenny Lewisohn, Iain Thomson, Hamish Napier, Dan Thorpe, Sheonaid Aitken, Natalie Hass, Sally Simpson, Angus Lyon, Anna Massie, Paul Anderson, Lauren MaColl, Tim Olden, Dougie Pincock


TV appearance work with

Jane MacDonald mini cruise 

Channel 5 - 5 celebrities go fishing


Many thanks for the generious contribution to Mimi's music development from the Mull & Iona Community Trust.